The Dream Voyage

The Travelers tread a Path carved in the realms of Spirit, the Dreamland of the collective consciuousness of the World. They are formed of individuals who practice shamanism, communing with spirits as part of their magic and existing as intermediaries between the Mortal World and the Spirit World. It is one of the most ancient and diverse Paths, with those representing the ancient cultures of African, Native American, Inuit, and Aboriginal Australian societies standing alongside practitioners of Shinto, independent spiritual savants, and descendants of other forgotten tribes and civilizations. Though originally dispersed and isolated by their own vision of the cosmos and their own versions of the Truths, the disparate cultures within the Travelers have found common ground in their respect for and dedication to the balance between physical and spiritual reality. As the Gauntlet has grown thicker and the Spirit World more dangerous, the shamans’ duties have become increasingly harder. But whereas other mages tend to overlook matters of spirit and Sleepers forget them altogether, the Travelers were born to walk the middle round, to see and hear what others do not, and fill roles still very much needed in the modern world.

Name: The Dream Voyage
Plural: Travelers, Voyagers
Nicknames: Shamans, Walkers, Mediums
Path Arcana: Spirit
Favored Arcana: Life, Death, Prime

That Creation is essentially animistic is central to a Traveler’s philosophy and magic, and in fact, tends to reflects their daily lives. As shamans, they possess the ability to freely interact with the Spirit World to one degree or another, and are often called upon to resolve conflicts between spirits or seek solutions to problems that can be felt in material and spiritual reality. Walkers of the Dream Voyage realize that each reflects the other, and that by acting upon the Spirit World they can perform feats that are considered magic in the Material World. This can take the form of direct communication with spirits capable of making the desired changes, but just as often makes use of the Walkers understanding of spirit behavior and rules to know what rituals and acts upon the Material World will invoke the appropriate response from the Spirit World.

Tools and Practices
The most important part of shamanic magic is placing oneself in the correct state of mind to be able to perceive and influence the boundary separating the Spirit and Material World. Just about anything that helps a mage reach this ecstatic state of consciousness can serve as a focus, including drugs, exercise, music and dance, or simple meditation. Some Walkers believe that external tools are a crutch to be avoided or that artificially manufactured drugs and technological devices are counterproductive, but this is a matter of personal preference. When it comes to invoking spirits, anything that grants the shaman connection and power over the spirit in question can help, such as a symbol or crafted representation, names and other words of power, or rituals sacred to the spirit.
Walkers of the Dream Voyage are also cognizant of the fact that every tool has a spirit of its own that can be called upon to aid their magic.

The Dream Voyage

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