The Celestial Ladder

The Celestial Chorus is a Tradition of mages united by their efforts to touch the Divine as well as their belief in the One and Prime from which all things originate. Closely tied to the God of Abrahamic faiths (but its origins date back to Ancient Egypt), the One represents the source of all Creation and all Creation is believed to be a part of the One. Humans in particular carry shards of the divine within them, though it is known by many names: the divine flame, the soul, the avatar. It is this connection which the Celestial Chorus believes enables them to clearly hear the One’s song and to shape Creation. While their faith is essentially monotheistic, it is accepted that the Divine has many facets and can be expressed through any number of names, religions, and creeds. Members of many faiths and denominations (including a variety of soft polytheists) come together in worship and service of the One, accepting that each person has their own path to the One. Of course, this ideal remains a work in progress and the Singers’ history has been one of divisions and compromises, holy wars and martyrs, sacrifice and rejuvenation.

Name: (Celestial) Chorister
Plural: (Celestial) Choristers
Pronunciation: sell-es’-tee-uhl khor’-uhs
Nicknames: Faithful, Singers
Seat: Prime
Faction: Council of Nine Mystic Traditions
For detailed information on the Celestial Chorus see Celestial Chorus Tradition Book and MTAs: Tradition Book: Celestial Chorus .

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Paradigm Edit
The One and PrimeEdit
The Tradition’s doctrine states that in the beginning the One sung a Song, the Aum, and that infinite harmony split and formed into the One’s children. All of Creation emanates from the Song, and the Song originates from the divine One. Thus the divine is everywhere, is in everyone and everything. People are the offspring of the One even as they are a part of it. And while the Tradition as a whole has not established doctrine on the exact nature of the divine, whether the One is a personal or impersonal force, and other theological questions, members are united by their belief that the One is a source of love and hope, and that it is present and active in the world today.
As the One directs divine energy to shape Creation, so too do the Celestial Choristers. Much of their magic is performed by beseeching the One for aid or drawing on divine authority to command Creation directly. In either case, it is not the prayers or rituals that bring forth miracles, but the mage’s connection to the One. Their foci are thus designed to bring them closer to the divine through metaphor, religious reenactments, and expressions of love and compassion.

Tools and Practices Edit
As their name suggests, singing has long been an integral part of Chorister practice. It is viewed as one of the oldest forms of channeling the One, particularly when numerous voices join together in harmony, but it is only one of many methods. Blessings and curses carry with them divine energy. Divinations are often performed by interpreting dreams, casting of lots, or bibliomancy. Anything that draws people together including simple touches, communal ceremonies, and even lovemaking are seen as ways to bring people closer to the One. On the other hand, fasting, self-denial, vows, and other sacrifices are seen as ways to free oneself from dependence on base needs in order to refocus and better hear the One’s call. Likewise, religious rituals and symbols of faith are manifestations of the divine that can be touched and experienced.

The Celestial Ladder

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