Path is the way to Ascension that follows an Awakened soul. Is one of the 10 metaphorical roads that any Mage must walk toward Illumination.

In game terms, choosing one Path gives the following advantages:

  • Gain 1 Ruling Arcana. This Arcana is the predominant one in any given Path, like the soil in a road. This works pretty much like the Ruling Arcana’s mechanics presented in Mage: The Awakening Rulebook.
  • Gain 1 Primary Arcana. This Arcana is the predominant about a particular mage. Unlike Ruling, Preferred Arcana are chosen for the player at character creation among 3 Arcana choices provided for each Path. In game terms, the XP cost to increase the rating of a Preferred Arcana is the same for a Common Arcana (7 x Arcanum rating), but like Ruling Arcana, a mage doesn’t need to spend Mana to spontaneously cast a spell from his Primary Arcana.
  • Gain 1 Minor Arcana. The Arcana that represents the metaphorical opposite of the Ruling Arcana. This work in the same way as depicted in the Mage: The Awakening Rulebook.

Certain legacies are only available to some Paths. For description of the legacies, see Legacy.

As said, there are 10 known Paths listed below:

The Unending Elegy

The Cosmic Loom

The Golden Road

The Cycle of Blood

The Great Work

The Last Revelation

The Celestial Ladder

The One Point

The Dream Voyage

The Eternal River


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