Some humans have a chance to become something more. They have a chance to understand the world like never before.

They can become Awakened.

Every human being has a single spark of potential. Most people don’t know they have this, don’t care, and want to get on with their lives as if it didn’t exist. Some people though, figure out what that spark is. That spark is very important, because sometimes that potential activates, and the normal everyday, average mortal Awakens.

Awakening is the process by which a mortal come to a deep realization. It might mean a conversation with god, the finding of the perfect bit of blotter acid, or the realization of a theory that had been bothering you for years. In many ways, it can be achieved by an altered state of consciousness (such as during a dream, deep meditation, or ecstasy).

By Awakening the mage is able to use magic. She/he is now able to impose his/her will onto the universe, although doing so risks Paradox. Awakening also determines what type of magic a mage will have a proficiency in. On a more philosophical level, Awakening reveals that the mundane world is a lie.


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